LED Downlights for High-end Lighting Projects

SEVEN LIGHT is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality LED recessed downlights in China. We are committed to delivering excellence, ensuring superior quality and sustainability in all our products. Our recessed downlights are designed to enhance the elegance and style of your home decor or projects.

We specialize in producing exceptional recessed downlights suitable for both residential and commercial lighting designs. Explore our extensive range of LED recessed downlights and discover the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

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New Design Recessed LED Downlights

Are you a wholesaler or contractor looking for an energy-efficient option? We know saving energy means satisfied clients for you, so light up your next project using our tunable white downlights.

As a project manager, you make many decisions, and we tick all the boxes in terms of fast delivery, certified quality, warranties, durability, and much more!

We provide tested and guaranteed tunable white LED downlights with spectacular warranties for your reselling or construction businesses.

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Wall Mounted Lamp

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Seven light provides wholesalers and retailers with the best and latest wall lamp at low prices. With many years of experience, we provide customized product boxes with your brand and logo. Order today, and we can deliver tomorrow!

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LED Downlights Customized to Your Specifications

At SEVEN LIGHT, we’re proud of our flexibility as an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer. We can provide tailored lighting solutions to meet your unique project requirements. With direct sourcing from our factory, you’ll benefit from our expertise and ensure a perfect fit for your lighting needs.

Choose from our wide range of stylish and innovative designs for recessed LED downlights. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more intricate and eye-catching style, we have a diverse selection. Our lighting specialists are here to help you find the perfect downlights that match your aesthetic preferences and project needs.

Partner with us for high-quality lighting products and a commitment to flexibility, customization, and exceptional service. Contact our lighting specialists today to discover the ideal lighting solutions for you.

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Why Choose Seven Light?

We are the best supplier and manufacturer of recessed LED downlights, and we deliver only the best lighting solutions for you! Our expertise lies in our innovative designs and our strong capabilities in working with you and your ideas — achieving your vision together.


We have no MOQ requirements and you can purchase any quantity that is needed.

Fast Delivery

We’re so confident in our lighting products that we offer a 7-10 day lead time on all orders.

Lower Price

We always provide high-quality lighting at an affordable price.


We have a team of experts who can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Customer Service

We’ll get you the answers to all of your questions, quickly and effectively

5 Years Warranty

Quality is our culture. We stand by our products with a 5-year warranty.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers. Here are some of their reviews.

We’ve been using SEVEN Lighting’s LED lawn lights across our multiple properties for a while now, and the improvement is truly noticeable. They provide excellent illumination and really enhance the aesthetics of our outdoor areas. The customization options are a great advantage, helping us to achieve the perfect lighting for each unique space.

The quality of SEVEN Lighting’s LED lawn lights is genuinely top-notch. Their products are efficient and have an impressively long lifespan. We’ve significantly reduced our energy costs, and the lighting quality has surpassed our expectations. I’m glad we made the switch.

The team at SEVEN Lighting is very professional. They provided us with samples, and the entire process from order placement to delivery was smooth. The LED lawn lights are now a crucial part of our infrastructure projects, providing excellent lighting while maintaining environmental sustainability.

As a landscape designer, I’ve found the LED lawn lights from SEVEN Lighting to be an invaluable asset. They’re easy to install, offer fantastic illumination, and the ability to customize them to my projects is a significant advantage. They’ve truly helped in bringing my designs to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have more questions, so here’s a list of the questions we get

asked the most about recessed LED downlights.


What are downlights?

Downlights are light fixtures designed to shine down into either a particular space or an entire room. It draws attention to a focal point and adds visual interest to a space.

What’s the difference between downlights and spotlights?

Spotlights are usually harsh on the eyes, produce more heat, and take attention away from the rest of the room. So if what you need is a stylish and permanent lighting solution to a living space, downlights are the best-suited solution for you. Downlights can help you easily manipulate the mood in rooms by their lighting flexibility.

Are led downlights dimmable?

Yes! Our downlights are dimmable. Our LEDs can include innovative technology to control brightness and timed usage.

Are led downlights better than halogen?

LED downlights are 90% more efficient than halogen downlights, even if they produce the same amount of light. Their difference is mainly in how they are powered. Halogen downlights generate light through heat, while LED is conducted through electrons. 

Do LED downlights use a lot of electricity?

LED downlights can help you save up to 90% on energy costs. It produces less heat, uses less energy, and is more effective at guiding light to its intended destination than other traditional lighting technologies.

How many led downlights do I need?

This entirely depends on your space requirement! Downlights can be used for general illumination; lighting throughout an entire room. You can also use downlights to draw attention to a focal point and add visual interest to a specific space.

What causes led downlights to flicker?

The most common cause of flickering LED lights is a poorly matched LED power supply, also known as an LED driver.

LEDs Flicker: Main Causes and Best Solutions

Do led downlights need a transformer?

All mains-powered LED bulbs require a transformer. The purpose of the transformer is to reduce mains voltage (240V) to the desired level relative to the bulb being powered (e.g. 12V or 24V).

Do led downlights need to be fire rated?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that all downlights installed are fire-rated. It is purely for your protection in your home.

What size led downlights do i need?

In terms of standard sizes, the general rule of thumb for spacing your downlights is to take your ceiling height and divide it by 2. This means, if your ceiling is 8 feet high, your downlights should be about 4 feet apart from each other — using standard-sized downlights.

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