LED Recessed Downlights

Compact, versatile, and minimalist light source

recessed in your ceiling to effortlessly give your

room a modern look.

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LED Downtlight

Energy-efficient lighting fixtures that let you direct

concentrated light anywhere and make striking

architectural features stand out.

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LED Track Lighting

Functionality and aesthetics in not one, but a series

of light fixtures installed in any way and anywhere

you like.

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Magnetic Track Lighting

Low voltage magnetic track lighting gives you the

flexibility to combine them in various ways,

enhancing your interior with style.

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LED Linear Lighting

Your best choice for creating ambient light in narrow
areas with recessed linear lights or creating task
lighting with our suspended linear lights

LED Indoor Lights Customized to Your Projects

Looking for something more specific? Don’t worry, we’re flexible.

Tell us what you need and let’s make it happen. As experts in the lighting industry, we know our way around any type and design. So, all that’s left is for you to share your vision and we’ll take care of the execution.

Indoor Lighting Specialists at Seven Light

As one of the premier outdoor lighting manufacturers in China, Seven Light excels in delivering exceptional service and superior products. We don’t consider our clients as mere transactions, but as valued partners, extending an unparalleled level of service that directly benefits you. Our range of LED outdoor lighting systems, including LED Lawn Lights, LED Wall Lamps, and LED Step Lights, marry aesthetic appeal with energy efficiency. Why compromise on style or savings when you can have both? We strictly adhere to quality standards in all our products, ensuring that every component, down to the smallest screw, meets our rigorous protocols. This is the Seven Light guarantee – quality lighting solutions that drive your business forward with stunning light designs. Trust Seven Light for reliability and partnership in your lighting needs.

Types of Outdoor Lights

The first step in creating dynamic outdoor lighting solutions involves understanding the three main types of outdoor lights classified according to purpose: Task lights, Accent lights, and Ambient lights.

Task lights, such as in-ground lights, provide concentrated illumination for specific tasks like lighting walkways, decks, and steps. Accent lights create visual interest by highlighting unique architectural features, landscapes, or pools, with spotlights being the most common type. Ambient lighting offers general illumination for large outdoor spaces, providing a comfortable brightness level that promotes safety.

Why LED is Best for Outdoor Lighting

LEDs are highly favored for their numerous advantages, chief among them being energy efficiency which translates to lower utility costs – a significant benefit for business owners. Despite being pricier than traditional bulbs, LEDs are a superior long-term investment due to their durability, brightness, and low heat output, making them a safe choice in all weather conditions.

The Advantage of Installing Outdoor Lighting

Quality outdoor lighting significantly enhances safety and security, making your premises inviting rather than off-putting. Beyond safety, versatile outdoor lighting adds personality to your building’s exterior, helping your business stand out amidst competitors.

Choosing LED Outdoor Lighting

To achieve your outdoor lighting goals, consider the following:

  • Purpose: Determine your lighting objective to narrow down the suitable LED bulbs and fixtures for your project.
  • Outdoor Lighting Supplier: Choose a reliable, experienced outdoor lighting manufacturer like Seven Light that guarantees product quality and testing.
  • Customer Testimonials: Reviews provide valuable insight into the long-term performance of products and their effectiveness.
  • Partner with Seven Light, an outdoor lighting manufacturer that ensures the perfect blend of style, safety, and efficiency.

What our clients say

After over 10 years in aluminium lighting, we are familiar with all the demands from all over the world. No matter where are you from, we can deal with it easily to our advantage.

I received a very good customer support in finding the peices that I was looking for. The lights were shipped and delivered faster than the agreed time.
The lights were received in a perfect condition and look exactly like I was expecting and even better.
Thank you.

So glad we found this perfect lighting factory from CIFF fair. They do everything very well,especially aftersale service,will remind us anytime when we need to do the next step.I am very happy to cooperate with Michelle ,a chandelier expert.

This is the 7th year we do business with Panops.So proud to say this is a very very good lighting supplier.No matter quality ,delivery time,aftersale service or new products developing.We love to do business with them,especially with Share.Let us get growing together,trust we will have a bright future.

I am an Amazon supplier.Not 5 and all 100 stars!!!! Very good quality and service. I recalled the first time we done business,that was a very urgent order,because our previous supplier got some problems,so we need to finish 400 pcs of ceiling lamp in 12 days, from sample to mass production,they did it.So amazing,and from the inspection photos,I knew those were no problem.Finally I reveived with very good condition.So happy to know you.

Lamp is great. It looks fantastic. Quality is very good. It arrived without any damages. It was packed very well. I really like Panops and recommend them to all of you!

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