ISO Compliant Production Cycle

We have a dust-free manufacturing system that is strictly supervised to maintain the highest quality standard.

  • We use excellent raw material to make our lights run for a lifetime.
  • Our efficient production cycle is ISO9001 certified.
  • Highly trained employees and collaboration among departments result in a streamlined process.
  • All the products are thoroughly inspected using various tests.

Our Trustworthy Raw Material Suppliers

Our Product Testing Protocol

We perform 13 tests to produce our top-quality and reliable LED indoor lighting and outdoor lighting fixtures. Out of these, a few are listed below.

High-Temperature Test

This test includes testing the products in hot water of 85° for 1.5 hours. According to our strict quality protocols, the malfunctioning parts are removed.

High-Pressure Spray Test

The outdoor lights, such as landscape lights and facade LED lights, are placed in a simulated hot water spray of 65° to 90° temperature for about 1.5 hours. This test helps in screening out the defective lighting units.

Water Pressure Test

The water pressure test is used to evaluate the underwater sustainability of the lights. The items are placed underwater at a depth of 5-10 meters for about an hour.

Soaking Test

We immerse our outdoor lights in a 1.2-meter pool for about 2 hours to check their quality and sustainability. Our QC team carefully eliminates all the defective parts.

Freezer Test

Our LED lights are made to survive all weather conditions. To check their capacity at a shallow temperature, we place them in a simulated freezer for over 1.5 hours and inspect their functionality.

Aging Test

After the production, all of our LED lights’ assembly is subjected to a 2-hour aging test used to remove any burned out or damaged items. Our QC team critically examines the color temperature and light levels of the final unit.

Aging Test


Our company has a 7-year experience in producing the best LED architectural lighting. These certifications are a testament to the fact that we only provide quality.


What our clients say

After over 10 years in aluminium lighting, we are familiar with all the demands from all over the world. No matter where are you from, we can deal with it easily to our advantage.

I received a very good customer support in finding the peices that I was looking for. The lights were shipped and delivered faster than the agreed time.
The lights were received in a perfect condition and look exactly like I was expecting and even better.
Thank you.

So glad we found this perfect lighting factory from CIFF fair. They do everything very well,especially aftersale service,will remind us anytime when we need to do the next step.I am very happy to cooperate with Michelle ,a chandelier expert.

This is the 7th year we do business with Panops.So proud to say this is a very very good lighting supplier.No matter quality ,delivery time,aftersale service or new products developing.We love to do business with them,especially with Share.Let us get growing together,trust we will have a bright future.

I am an Amazon supplier.Not 5 and all 100 stars!!!! Very good quality and service. I recalled the first time we done business,that was a very urgent order,because our previous supplier got some problems,so we need to finish 400 pcs of ceiling lamp in 12 days, from sample to mass production,they did it.So amazing,and from the inspection photos,I knew those were no problem.Finally I reveived with very good condition.So happy to know you.

Lamp is great. It looks fantastic. Quality is very good. It arrived without any damages. It was packed very well. I really like Panops and recommend them to all of you!

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